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Residential Mortgages for Czech Clients

Are you buying a property and need a mortgage? Star Capital Finance can help!

Star Capital Finance offers a mortgage finding service that guarantees to match a mortgage to your specific needs. There are numerous mortgage products available in the Czech Republic so let us find the best one for you – there will be no need for you to visit every bank and wait in line!

Applying for a mortgage can be a very time consuming process and will involve:

  • arranging a valuation of your chosen property
  • visiting the land register
  • supplying the bank with all the necessary documents for the mortgage approval and disbursement
  • organizing property insurance

Let Star Capital Finance help you!

We will:
  • identify the best mortgage lender for you
  • negotiate with the bank on your behalf
  • visit the land register for you
  • organise the valuation of the property
  • supply the bank with all the necessary documents
  • ensure you get the mortgage for your dream home
  • arrange all the necessary insurance on your behalf
  • manage the overall property acquisition process and ensure the mortgage drawdown conditions are successfully met

We will save you hours of your time and you will not need to wait in any line!

How much can I borrow and how do I know that I qualify for a mortgage?

One quick telephone call to Star Capital Finance and we will tell you how much you can borrow and if you qualify for a mortgage. We will also issue you with a mortgage certificate confirming this, which will allow you to find your dream home knowing that you will qualify for a mortgage*.

What is the land register?

The land register records the legal owners of all property in the Czech Republic and also records a mortgage bank's interest in a property. For example, if you purchase a property and take a mortgage from XYZ Bank – you will be the registered owner of the property and the bank will also be registered as the mortgage lender.

Will I need property insurance and life assurance?

The mortgage bank will insist on the mortgaged property being insured and may require that you also have life assurance. These policies will be assigned to the bank. This involves waiting in more lines! But, Star Capital Finance can arrange all of this for you.

What is assignment?

This involves handing over rights of benefit of the property insurance or life insurance policy to the mortgage bank. If something happens to you, or your property which is covered under the policies then the mortgage bank will receive any payment from the insurance company directly. This money will be used to repay the mortgage loan with any remaining balance being given to you.

*At the time of issuing the certificate. Star Capital Finance, s.r.o., can not be held liable for any subsequent mortgage products being withdrawn or lending conditions changing.

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